Lisa and Darren Wales knew they had taken on a major challenge when they bought this two-hectare property in 2005, but their vision of what it could become was motivation enough to ride the highs and lows of a major renovation.

“It was a 54m2 residence that resembled a German hunting lodge, with timber walls, ceilings, dorma windows, dark slate floors, brass duck taps and pink flamingo wallpaper! However, I knew it had the bones and potential to become the family home I had always dreamed of,” recalled Lisa.
The Wales family commenced by building a three-bedroom granny flat in the large barn on site, so they could manage the year-long build. “My vision of a 75m2 home soon turned into a 106m2 home, which we use every inch of today,” said Lisa. “Architect Russell Scott transformed our desire into a reality, and our landscaper, Dean Herald from Rolling Stone Landscapes, created an image that complemented every aspect of our personality and style. Matt Bramley from Splish Splash Pools created an award winning pool that we and our friends adore!”
The family wanted to keep the footprint developed over many decades while introducing their own flair to complement the established angophoras, maples and many other trees on the property. Their home also achieves another very important ambition for the Wales family.
“We are entertainers. We love nothing more than our family and friends around us enjoying memorable and great times. I personally love the alfresco entertaining area, where we have hosted many celebrations, and even a very special wedding! Aside from the entertaining aspect of the area, it truly is an incredible space to appreciate the hundreds of magnificent birds that surround us with their amazing calls. “If I had to choose an interior room that I love, the games room is a close second, as we gather as a family to play a very competitive round of pool or ping pong. These fun evenings are also enjoyed by our many guests and friends,” said Lisa. It’s a dream come true. ❐