A new sport is coming to the Hills area, and its organisers promise that it will get dogs barking and send balls flying. The K9 Scent Scramble involves dogs diving through or into balls of various heights to locate and retrieve a specific item, sending balls flying in all directions.
The K9 Scent Scramble is offered by Scents-Ability, and was co-founded by certified Nose Work instructor (CNWI) Marion Brand, renowned animal trainer Peta Clarke and professional detector dog trainer Trinny Teigan, all of whom are instructors of K9 Nose Work, a fun search and alerting sport for all dogs and owners.

The K9 Scent Scramble was inspired by K9 Nose Work and can be played by all dogs, whether they are young, old, blind or deaf, explained Ms Brand, who runs K9 Nose Work classes in Castle Hill through K9 Nose Time.
“While we have had lots of pet dog people come through our K9 Nose Work classes, we wanted to develop a really exciting and fun demo of dogs doing scent work. And dogs in a pit of 30,000 balls hunting for their ball sounds like a lot of fun,” she said.
Besides keeping dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise, “scrambling” is designed to also have similar therapeutic values to K9 Nose Work, with the added value of helping with sensory integration, touch therapy and motor skills, Ms Brand explained.

“The K9 Scent Scramble also unleashes the dogs’ natural ability to smell and desire to hunt, which sets a cascade of feel-good chemicals in the brain and in turn helps to build confidence — excellent for shy, fearful or reactive dogs,” she said.
The sport also helps to strengthen the bond with their owner.
“The K9 Scent Scramble is a positive and fun sport in which the dog is always successful. The dogs enjoy themselves, are happy and are absolutely a joy to watch,” said Ms Brand. ❐


K9 Scent Scramble classes and workshops will be held in the Hills area and can be booked via www.scentsability.com.au. For more information or to register in a class, email k9scentscramble@gmail.com.

Watch K9 Scent Scramble at http://youtube/RUSvgvTVr5w