Hello Autumn! A sight for sore eyes if I’m being honest; it’s been a long, hot summer and I am looking forward to some cooler, clearer weather.
This time of the year always brings out my inner child, because the first thing that comes to mind when I think of autumn is crushing fallen leaves under my wheels. I hope I’m not the only weird one who thinks that, but then again I get excited about the simplest things.
I’m feeling a little guilty because this time last year I set a goal to finish my book by May. It’s been a year since then, and it still isn’t finished. After a lot of painful bumps in the road, I realised that I was unhappy with my writing. However, after a lot of research and confiding in the right people, I’m happy to say that I am finally back on track, so by the time you read this I will have my book finished, which I hope you will be interested in reading.
Now, apart from my hovering guilty conscience, I am looking forward to this season very much. Come late March I will become a screaming fan girl at Ed Sheeran’s concert at Homebush, which I’ve been looking forward to for over a year, and which might very well be the highlight of 2018 for me!
After I’ve finished making a fool of myself, I’m also excited about going on only my second camping trip since my accident. It can be difficult to organise, and it’s always a bumpy ride having two sets of wheels between me and the ground, but it’s one of my favourite pastimes. This time I’ll also have a drone to take photos of the beautiful Blue Mountains sunsets.
I am also looking forward to what autumn has to offer a little closer to home as well. I’m going to start morning “runs” again, dragging a friend out of bed to push me up and down the hills around Bella Vista Farm, then stopping over at the Bella Vista Hotel for a café breakfast. Another upside to the cooler weather — hot beverages in the mornings.
Rouse Hill town centre breakfast before physiotherapy will definitely be back on the menu. I’ll more than likely end up wandering around Regional Park enjoying the autumn colours with a camera. However, even the wondrous colours won’t keep me out of cinemas in May when the next Avengers movie comes out.
Anyway, for now this nerd on wheels needs to finish this book. So this autumn, don’t forget to stop and look around, because this year is going to fly by.
Remember, someone who says they don’t have time for themselves is bad at managing their time.

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