Wynn has been baking for as long as he can remember. The South African born cake connoisseur first fell in love with baking when he was as young as six, watching his grandmother baking in the kitchen at home. Then his mother opened up the only bakery in the small town he was raised in, a place where he would spend a lot of his spare time as a teenager, often starting work at the bakery at 1am so his mum could have a sleep-in during the school holidays.

“My mother is probably the biggest influence that I’ve had in my baking – which is ironic, because she doesn’t actually bake at all!”

Wynn studied hospitality and completed a chef’s apprenticeship, but never ended up becoming a chef after a knee injury at 20 altered the course of his career plans.

“I kept reading and practising my skills late at night, and around 10 years ago, my small business – Wynn’s Cakes was created. A friend of my wife had asked on social media if anyone knew of somebody who could make a cake for her. My wife remarked that “Wynn could figure it out”, and I love a challenge! It slowly grew from there. I had incredible support from friends and family during those initial stages of trial and error, and I kept taking on bigger challenges. Looking back, there are some cakes that I still can’t believe I pulled off, like a massive free-standing winged-unicorn cake. I didn’t consider how big it was going to be, and it didn’t fit in the car for delivery,” he said.

Wynn is one of 12 contestants competing in season 4 of The Lifestyle Channel’s Great Australian Bake Off. Twelve amateur bakers from all over the country come head to head in the battle of the bakers, where they will compete in 30 challenges to see who is Australia’s Best Amateur Baker.

“The very first judging was definitely the most daunting, as I had no idea what their thoughts were on anything! As we progressed through the challenges, every judging became a massive positive learning experience, and it was always great to listen to their feedback, and to learn from Maggie’s vast bank of experience and Matt’s amazing technical knowledge,” said Wynn.

Each episode features a different theme. It starts off with a signature bake, where contestants are asked to bake their version of everyday baked goods. This is followed by a blind technical challenge, where the bakers are given the same ingredients, recipe and some very cryptic hints to bake something that pushes the boundaries. The last challenge for each episode is the showstopper challenge, where contestants make something truly spectacular.

“I was so confident before the show started, but I have to admit that my confidence took a serious blow when I met the fellow bakers – some at auditions and ultimately in The Shed. Everybody has such a different background and skillset; it was amazing to be around them.” One of the best parts of being on the show for Wynn has been the friendships that came out of the competition.

“There are four of us from Sydney. Sue lives in Lugarno, but both Sunny and Anston live near me in the Blacktown area. I was surprised at how quickly the 12 of us bonded and got along as soon as we met!
I don’t think words could explain how truly magical the entire experience was. It was one of the best and most humbling experiences of my life.”

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