It’s been a long time coming, but it’s been well worth the wait.

I have for many years dreamt of publishing a magazine that encompasses the many facets of living in the Hills district. This is my place – as a lifelong resident I’ve made friends here, went to school here, had my family here and started my own small business here.

In other words, I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

This is your place too. I know many people who feel the same way about the Hills – a sense of community is evident in every street, park and café in the Hills, in every shop, familiar faces greet you as you go about your day’s activities, and in every small business, providing services in a way and with an attitude that make this area such a wonderful place to live. We have an enviable lifestyle and we know it.

This was the catalyst for my desire to publish a magazine that connects us all, in business, education, sport, family responsibility and community activity.

The Hills district is growing at a phenomenal rate, with more people moving in every year. Its face is changing, with new housing replacing what was once farms and open paddocks, but as it changes it develops a new vitality that make it an even better place to live, while retaining its familiar community spirit.

So welcome to the first issue of Sydney Hills Living, created by a group of local publishing professionals who are passionate about our local area, just as you are. I hope this magazine draws on that group experience to capture our impressions, and coerces you to respond with your own experiences.

Sydney Hills Living is, literally, about living here in this dynamic, diverse, multicultural community and making the most of all the Hills has to offer. We’re keen to hear your stories so we can record and broadcast your impressions of living in the Hills.

Linda Gunek