All cheer, Spring is here! I’m not putting away the Ugg boots just yet; however, I am appreciating the warmer weather already. It never ceases to amaze me, how the garden out back or the trees lining my street seem to simply burst with colour overnight. It's as if the world outside the front door is beckoning me out of hibernation.
I like to christen the coming of Spring with an adventure somewhere new. With all the colourful scenery around, I'm prompted to look at parks or accessible walking tracks that offer good photo opportunities.
One park that I must recommend is Nurragingy Park, only a 30-minute drive over to Doonside. It offers many picnic and barbecue areas, playgrounds for kids, and a walking track that takes you through the park’s beautiful Chinese garden.
It's funny how long I've lived here in the Hills, yet I'm always finding new and exciting places around every corner. The next place on my list to explore with a camera is the Blue Mountains. It's a longer drive, but there are a number of accessible walking tracks I am excited about trying.
The Hills, however, always offers plenty to do indoors as well. AMF bowling and Laser Skirmish are always a lot of fun with a group of family or friends. Although I haven't played laser tag in a while, they told me that my wheelchair would give me an unfair advantage. I'm kidding, but laser tag wheelchairs does sound fun (and dangerous!).
And you can never go wrong with the movie theatre. I must say, I am excited to see the new Spiderman movie. I'll always be a sucker for comic book superhero films.
I also completed the City2Surf marathon in August! I did it with my good friend Jeremy Carter, and we managed to raise $1,500 for the Australian Heart Foundation. It was a very difficult run/push, but I'm so incredibly happy that I did it. I'm grateful for the early morning training sessions, without which I imagine would have resulted in my falling out of my wheelchair left, right, and face first. It's the first time I've participated in an event like this and I'm looking forward to participating in more in the future.
There you have it! This year is going by ridiculously fast. I feel like if I were to blink I might miss it. And speaking of time going by too fast, I can't believe that by the next issue, I'll be a 25-year-old!
Between you and me, I do not feel mentally qualified to be this old. Anyway, I'm not going to watch these beautiful days pass by. I'm going to tackle them head on. Happy Spring!