Now And Zen - Preview

health beauty & well-being | By Sydney Hills & Hawkesbury Living | Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Local mum Cara Cochrane gives us her hot picks for the best yoga joints in the Hills so you can bring a little bit of zen back into your parenting game.

I often think about all of the time I had up my sleeve before having kids. We learn to say “so long” to the days of wining and dining and a big “HELLO!” to whining of a different kind (and washing and wiping and just a lot of other domestic doing words). Us Mums and Dads really start to value any minute of time when we can kick it solo.
Kid-free trips to Woolies have been promoted to Day Spa equivalency. I walk those aisles with a strut. Skim Cap in hand, taking my sweet apples time picking and choosing what fabulous dinner I will prepare (usually spag bol) and I smugly think of the rug rats crawling all over my husband knowing he is wondering “WHERE IN THE HILLS ARE YOU?” as I cruise with a snail’s pace down aisle 5...

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