The nine reasons customers buy
Most small business owners wrestle the dilemma of where to spend their marketing budget. Before you begin marketing you need to know who your true target customers are, and what drives their decision to buy.
If you haven’t answered those questions as part of doing a strategic business and marketing plan, there is a very good chance you’re going to waste a lot of money and time this year.

What drives people to buy?
There are nine key decision drivers that your marketing messages need to incorporate to ensure you hit the mark when approaching your market. People buy based on:
1 Necessity: What is the common problem that your customers face? Your business should provide the solution.
2 Aspiration: Fear motivates us to move away from something negative and aspiration encourages people to move towards something better.
3 Convenience: While your product may not be a necessity, it can be a convenience and people love convenient things.
4 Identity: People are motivated to buy things that demonstrate they are part of a niche identity. You need to speak the language of your target cohort so that it will be a ‘’must have’’ for people trying to be part of that group.
5 Obligation: You can also play on logical fear to sell, by letting prospects know what’s at risk if they don’t buy your service.
6 Hope: Use your products and services to demonstrate a positive outcome that can be expected.
7 Scalability: People get nervous making decisions when they expect to need more later, so provide flexibility.
8 Assurance: Quality products are proven, science based, and safe. People wanting these services or products expect this information.
9 Price: People buy on price last after all other factors, so do a proper cost modelling process to ensure you get the pricing right, not just for your customers but for your business to profit.

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